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Boat Storage Rates

Vessel SizeOn TrailerDry DockBoat Slip
25 ft$150$200 Dry Dock$250 Boat Slip
26 ft$156$208 Dry Dock$260 Boat Slip
27 ft$162$216 Dry Dock$270 Boat Slip
28 ft$168$224 Dry Dock$280 Boat Slip
29 ft$174$232 Dry Dock$280 Boat Slip
30 ft$180$240 Dry Dock$300 Boat Slip
31 ft$186$248 Dry Dock$310 Boat Slip
32 ft$192$256 Dry Dock$320 Boat Slip
33 ft$198$264 Dry Dock$330 Boat Slip
34 ft$204$272 Dry Dock$340 Boat Slip
35 ft$210$280 Dry Dock$350 Boat Slip
36 ft$216$288 Dry Dock$360 Boat Slip
37 ft$222$296 Dry Dock$370 Boat Slip
38 ft$228$304 Dry Dock$380 Boat Slip

Daily Dry Storage Rates

.60¢ Per foot Plus
$15.00 for water/electric

Over Night Rates

.80¢ Per foot Plus
$15.00 for water/electric

Service Rates

Boat trailer storage $100 Per month
Boat trailer storagewith existing contract$50 Per month
Travel Lift on/off load 
Container Load 
Haul in/out with Forklift $6 Per Ft
Haul in/out with Travel Lift $8 Per Ft
Emergency Haul out 
Forklift Rental 
Work RackDaily fee
Work Rack Clean up fee 
Tool RentalAny Banyan Bay tool
Tarp/block fee 
Lower unit oil change 
Labor Ratewithout contract
Labor Ratecustomers only
Battery Charge 
New Bottom job
Bottom job2 Coats bottom paint$20 Per Ft
Barrier Bottom coat
Pressure Washpressure wash bottom
Acid Washhulls – props – outdrives – lower units
ScrapingAdditional scraping / sanding
Paint Trim assembly skegTrilux 33 / scraping /acid wash
Paint OutdrivesTrilux 33 only
Wax and DetailHull only
Superstructure Wax 
Complete Waxentire boat / no cabin / no engine room
Cabin Cleanfull detail
Engine Room detaildegrease / wash / corrosion block
Boat wash Yearly planBi-weekly / wax every 3 months
Boat wash Yearly planweekly / wax every 3 months
Boat wash 
Rinse off fresh water 
Rinse / Flushflush motor / rinse off entire boat
Outboard 100 HR Servicewater pumps, fule filters, sparkplug’s, all oils
Outdrives 100 HR Serviceoils, check bellows, shift cables, water pumps
Inboard 100 HR Servicesparkplug’s, oil filters, rotors, distributor caps
Shrink WrapPrices Vary
Compression test 

Open 7 Days a week
office 954 893 0004 service 954 367 4655

$20 Per Ft
Bottom Painting

Fiberglass and Gelcoat repairs

Upholstery – Carpet – Canvas – Strata glass

Engine repair & Maintenance

Outboard & Outdrive repair

Boat Detailing &
Wash Programs

We Sell Ice!!!!

Ask us about a maintenance plan for your boat today!